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Thread: Virtual Co-op for D and R level students

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    Hi, We will be starting our first year with TOG, Year 2 Redesigned, this Fall. I am looking to start or join a virtual co-op for D and possibly R level students to have discussions once or twice a week. I have a D level son that I think would benefit from interaction with other TOG students on a regular basis. Anyone interested?

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    I have 2 D students boy and girl. We are also new to TOG. I would be interested - although I don't have any idea how it would work.


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    My dd(13) will be using D this year and she is interested. Like the previous poster, I don't have any idea how to do this.


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    I am interested too. Where do I find out more info about this. I will have a UG and 2 D.

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    We too would be interested in participating in a virtual coop. I have four children. Two of them would benefit greatly from the D/R level discussion-Boy (12) Girl (14)
    Thank you,

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    I would also be interested in a YR2 virtual co-op for my D and R kids. Has one been formed?


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    The year has started, is this co-op been organized. We have a rhetoric and 2 dialectic. Would love to be part of it.


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    Just to update you. There are several Year 2 co-ops, but the ones I know to have Rhetoric level so far as I know are already full for now.

    Another place to check into this is the yahoogroup called TOGVirtualCo-opSynergy. You can get connected to it via Tapestry's "Together" "Mailgroups" page.

    Hope that helps!

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    I am helping with a Yr. 2 co-op for D level children. We do have some space. If you are interested, please contact me at

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    We were new to using a virtual coop this year and it is surprisingly easy and fun for the kids. Unfortunately, the meeting time doesn't work for us. I know the year has started already, but is anyone interested in their older D or younger RH student interacting for some history and/or literature discussion?

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