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Thread: Virtual Co-op for D and R level students

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    I am interested in a virtual coop for older D and young RH levels students, since I have one in each level, and have not been able to join a coop yet. Please contact me at

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    Originally posted by SixOaksMom:
    Just to update you. There are several Year 2 co-ops, but the ones I know to have Rhetoric level so far as I know are already full for now.

    Another place to check into this is the yahoogroup called TOGVirtualCo-opSynergy. You can get connected to it via Tapestry's "Together" "Mailgroups" page.

    Hope that helps!

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    We have a Yr. 2 virtual co-op. It is primarily D, but we have blended it with R here and there because we have one R student participating. We will be having the Week 20 discussion on Jan. 9th. If that works for your schedule or you are interested in having further information on how we are working this, please feel free to contact me at Right now we have 6 students participating.


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    My daughter is in D/R and we would love to be part of a virtual co-op. I dont know how to start one.

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    Becky, there is a whole Yahoo group devoted to the management and operation of virtual co-ops. If you would like to join it, send your request to or check the bottom of the list at the Together portion of the TOG website.

    Once you are on there, you have access to many past messages as well as files with information about virtual co-ops. The list has been kind of quiet now that the school year is well under way, but I expect it will start hopping again when people begin making plans for next year in a few months. Meanwhile, looking at the information already out there is a good start to understanding virtual co-ops and how they operate.

    Hope that helps,

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    I have a D and R student, both girls, and would be interested.

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