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Thread: Easy Grammar/Daily Grams v. Saxon Grammar

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    Hi! I tried teaching grammar for the first time this year - i have grades nine(R), seven (D), five (UG), three (LG), one, and then a four and two year old. I bought Easy Grammar - the teacher's manual, the student workbooks and the Daily Grams for each level.
    It just takes so much time! Not only for the children to do all the pages, but for me to correct. And i feel like i should be teaching from the teachers' manual, but since it's four different books, i just plain don't have the time, so i end up discussing after the fact, which is discouraging for them.

    Anyway, i've put grammar to the side while i figure out how to fix it ... I think maybe i should only do *either* Easy Grammar *or* Daily Grams - but meanwhile i've come across Saxon Grammar, which does teach diagramming. I'm hoping it might mesh better with how grammar is taught here in Canada as well, as some things i have not agreed with (in Canada, we are taught that apostrophes are used to show possession as well as in contractions - Easy Grammar only uses them for contractions, but says to leave them out for possession...

    Any feedback? Grammar was just becoming too big of a deal for us, and i'm wondering if it was the program or just too much. Or if there is something that would suit us better? Has anyone tried Saxon Grammar?

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    We've used various grammar programs through the years, including Easy Grammar. This year we've used Daily Grammar Practice, which we all love. Everyone has learned SO MUCH, and their knowledge has transferred to their writing. My dc are a bit older than yours, and I grouped them all together into one book. Each day they copy and mark their sentence, and we "correct" it together at the whiteboard.

    The website is Daily Grammar Practice.

    Edited to add:
    Each week, students work with one sentence. On Monday, they label the parts of speech. On Tuesday, they mark and label sentence parts and phrases. On Wednesday, they mark and label clauses and sentence type. On Thursday, they add proper punctuation and capitalization. On Friday, they diagram the sentence.

    The teacher guide is all that is needed. You can make copies of the list of sentences, the grammar help pages, and the marking guide.

    My dc have learned more grammar and retained it better, in less time per day, than any other grammar program we've used.

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    I suspect that if "grammar is becoming a big deal" to you that you may wish to look elsewhere.

    I would not narrow down to Saxon until you figure out what is good in Easy Grammar and what isn't. Once you have a better idea what is going wrong and what is working then select a program.

    I do think that doing both Easy Grammar and Daily Grams is overkill. If your children have had little grammar then do Easy Grammar which instructs.

    We used Easy Grammar for three years and I like it. It doesn't sound like your children did as "well" in it as mine did. Mine could mostly read the instructions and do two pages or so a day and do fairly well on the exercises. So I never had to do more than grade their work. Further, in your case, I'd at least consider letting the older two grade their own work. BUT at the end of the year they never scored noticeably higher on the post test than they had on the same test at the beginning of the year so I began to question whether they were retaining anything.

    This year we are doing two programs. My oldest (14 yo, eight grade) did the first 1/3 of Analytical Grammar and my younger (11 yo) did the Analytical Grammar Jr. and is now working in Growing with Grammar. They are both doing well, but I do still wonder if they are learning anything.

    One reason I went with these two programs is I wanted to trying diagramming (see this article to see why). I'll continue to monitor. I've since heard the author say that children need daily grammar practice even in high school. She bases this on observation.

    However, my main point is collect recommendations, assess what you want, and evaluate those recommendations by your needs.
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    Just a word of encouragement. I too have had struggles with teaching grammar. I do feel that it is important to teach & should be a priority. However, sometimes it helps to "put it aside, relax & return to it at a later time." I have used Rod & Staff, Easy Grammar & Analytical Grammar. They are all excellent. Based on the ages /levels of your kids, have you thought about teaching your R & D together at the same time and then combining your UG & LG? Just a thought. Analytical grammar may work best for your older two & perhaps 4th grade Rod & Staff for the younger kids or use the EG series you already have but only one level (have them work together). I use Easy Grammar (Pink book) Daily Guided Teaching & Review for 2nd & 3rd grade for my 2nd grader with the Rod & Staff grade 2 book. My 4th grader is in the 4th grade R & S book and will move on to Junior Analytical Grammar next year. My 6th grader is in Analytical Grammar & will continue this in the next couple of years as it is set-up. AG has been tough, but they can work at their own pace. I hope this information will help you & encourage you. Take some time away from it & pray for wisdom.

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