Wow, What a night!!!

We hesitated on the suggestion of a medieval feast for the first unit, but decided to try and accomplish one anyhow. Our group of four TOG families consists of mostly UG and LG students. With help from another homeschool family our night couldn't of been any better. Of the 40 people who attended(6 homeschool families and 8 grandparents), all but 2 were in costume. The garage was transformed into our dinning hall. Gray sheets with stone pattern hung on the wall, decorated with the students coat of arms. We had the tables covered with white linen tablecloths,candlesticks and aluminum covered plastic wine cups.Trenchers, made from bread took some of those attending by surprise, and of course, no forks. Throughout the course of the evening the children would stand up a give a presentation of who their character was and their part in history or story book.Our menu began with apple cider, and mead(recipe in LG activity book). Followed by bread, butter and salad. Vegetables and meat came next followed by subtleties, gingerbread, fruit and pies.Our evening wrapped up with playing some medieval games. Everyone had a great time. The only thing we could do better next time-- to carry a better tune for the wassail song! I would recommend a medieval feast,it's a night your children will not forget.