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Thread: K-Mom and TOG with Little People Only

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    Interesting question!
    I know that when I had to teach myself Latin, I started on a lower level and moved up. So, with that in mind, for someone who has the time, yes, starting with Dialectic history might be a grand idea. It's not difficult reading and you could absorb lots.

    I think it also depends on if you are just going to be reading or answering the questions too. If you are just going to be reading, you might could get by with just reading the Teacher's Notes. (Personally, I'm highly visual, so I'd prefer to go with the actual books.)

    Just a couple of thoughts for you...
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    I guess I'd like to know if I should start in D or is it better to go through the R level twice (since starting now I would be able to do that)

    As for reading versus doing the work, I'd like to do some of the answering questions, etc. as time allows. However, not many of the books for the D and R level are at my library for Year 1, so I'd like to know which books are most necessary since I've already spent a great deal on the year plan and all supplements, as well as the LG books I need.

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