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Thread: K-Mom and TOG with Little People Only

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    Thank you so much for this post. I, too am a planner and an idealist, and have done a lot of what you described, Janice. My kids are a lot younger and I feel like I have time to correct my wasting time on planning, researching, trying to get it all perfect, and neglecting the cultivation of my own soul.

    I realize that a lot of my planning is fear-based: What if I MISS something? -- Rather than joy-based: The joy of taking my kids down a well-worn path to a place I know and love.

    I am admitting something to myself today. I could probably use a different curriculum at this point. My kids are young. But for now, I am starting TOG in the fall largely for ME!

    Julie in AZ

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    I hear you, Julie.

    A lot of my planning has been fear-based too. I am beginning to realize that the source of my strength is found in resting in my Father. Face-time with God is the only thing that I have found that will drive that fear away. Education doesn't dispell my fears. Only God can do that for me. I have found that His shield is the only thing that protects me from that fear....

    I need to back up. I was crying out to the Lord for wisdom yesterday morning and I ended up spending a big chunk of time in Proverbs 2. There are a bunch of if's there - actions words associated with objects that I control - If I....

    Store up - his commands
    Turn - my ear
    Apply - my heart
    Call out for insight - with my being
    Cry aloud for understanding - with my voice
    Look for understanding - once again implies me doing something
    Search for understanding.....

    THEN: I will understand the fear of the Lord and will find the knowledge of God.

    Here's the part that REALLY excited me. I am promised: "For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. (This word "mouth" implies face-time with God for me.) He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones."

    Boy I REALLY need that victory that he has already prepared for me and I am desperately in need of his shield ALL THE TIME. I NEED to be shielded from ALL of the "What if's?" I can't deal with most of them. I've found that in him I can deal with the rational fears. I just can't deal with the irrational ones. I suppose that because they are irrational, they were not designed to be addressed. Sure, sometimes I need to deal with certain things. That's life. I'm talking about the irrational fears here. I need those to be deflected away from me. I have no way of dealing with them. And I suspect that no amount of education is going to equip me to deal with something that is irrational. :-) Deflection is the best course for me.

    Having said that, I HAVE found that many of my fears are rational. Most of my head-scratching in the past has been solved by mastering content and information NOT by wondering, planning, or thinking about mastering content and information. Planning doesn't ultimately bring me peace. It is VERY useful, but I'm talking about OVER planning here - you know - the kind that takes you in circles. It leaves me discouraged and still stuck wandering around the base of the mountain pondering. The cliff face is still staring me in the face as I wonder about which path to take. It's not that I didn't have a path - usually after ALL of the research it seemed like I found dozens of paths. I was just greedy; I wanted to take them ALL! The rational mountains in my life are only dealt with by climbing. Sometimes God grants me a short-cut, sometimes I get a Star-Trek wormhole (VERY grateful for those), and sometimes I just have to slodge along. I try to climb IN HIM. But sometimes it is still just hard work. BUT it ALWAYS invigorates me more than pondering the climb.

    Does that make sense?

    Learning this "stuff" is a LOT easier than I thought it would be. I'm not sure why I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm not sure why I waited so long. Oh well. Forging ahead here in Jersey.


    Enjoy your little people
    Enjoy your journey

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    Your reply was so creepy-close-to-home that I'm thinking it had to be God. KWIM? I printed it out so I could have a few days to chew on it. Even little things that you couldn't possibly have known...

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

    Julie in AZ

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    We have one son and he is in K. I thought it was foolish for me to have such an involved curriculum for him, but many of the things you have all said here has made me feel confident in deiciding on TOG.

    We are just finishing up the first three weeks on Ancient Egypt and Moses of Year 1. Many of the concepts I know he doesn't fully understand but at this age I really just want to introduce him to things.

    We were at Barnes and Noble browsing through the bargain racks and he pointed out all of the books about Ancient Egypt and recognized much of the art work and treasures without any prompting from me, it was all just his observations. So I feel very confident now that exposing and introducing him to these things that seem over his head can still be very beneficial.

    Of course there are many ways and curricula that can do this but TOG is definently a good fit for our familyfor numerous reasons. I just want to share this to basically give permission to others out there who who really like TOG but may be holding off until their kids are older, or felt like me that it would be a waste with such little kids.

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    This articulates very well why I want to invest $200 in TOG for a second grader...because it's not for him it's for me! And the bonus is that he and his preschool age brothers will benefit from TOG at different levels as they go thru it with me.
    So I'm going to stop searching for something to enhance our homeschooling and start just enjoying where we are at. Thank you!

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    Thanks for posting this, Janice!! It's such great advice and information, and I so appreciate your taking the time.

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    One thing that I have done is read many of the books over the summer. Many of the moms in our co-op do this as well. Then, we sit around at the pool and discuss the books!

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    Dear Janice,

    This has been the most helpful post I have read in a long time. Our oldest is 9 years old. We are in Year 2 week 20 right now. I dropped everything and went to the library, scooped up as many Rhetoric books as I thought I could manage and have started reading them. Wow. I was an English major, so some of it is coming back, but there is so much to learn! The upper level books are helping me put the UG and LG books in context. Thanks so much for your encouragement to read at the Rhetoric level now. Thanks, thanks, thanks!


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    You're very welcome. Have FUN! I know that I've found that studying on my own really does make me a better teacher. I try to do what I can when I can - what ever keeps my journey joyful!


    Enjoy your little people
    ENJOY your journey - it's a GREAT ride!

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    I just wanted to bump this thread because it is awesome.
    Deanna in WA
    Mom of 6

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