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Thread: FS: L/U Grammar books for Yr 2

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    Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Lower and Upper Grammar books by unit.
    All books are soft bound if not otherwise noted. They are all in good-excellent condition!
    I'd like to sell as lots, maybe I'll break them up later.

    Unit 1 The Middle Ages/ Lower and Upper Grammar:

    The Story of the Middle Ages- Samuel B. Harding
    The Middle Ages- Mary Quigley
    Trial and Triumph- Richard Hannula (also used in Unit 2, 3 and 4)
    Caedmon’s Song- Ruth Ashby, hb
    Life in a Medieval Monastery- Marc Cels
    Mecca- Mandy Ross
    Who Were the Vikings?- Jane Chisholm
    Knights- Stephanie Turnbull
    The Making of a Knight- Patrick O’Brian
    You Wouldn’t Want to be a Crusader- Fiona Macdonald
    The Minstrel in the Tower- Gloria Skurzynski,
    Marco Polo: Overland to China- Alexander Zelenyj
    Johann Gutenberg and the Amazing Printing Press- Bruce Koscielniak

    Buy this lot for $95 ppd

    Unit 2 Renaissance and Reformation/ Lower and Upper Grammar:

    Michelangelo- Diane Stanley
    Leonardo da Vinci- B. Witteman
    Exploration and Conquest- Betsy and Giulio Maestro, also used in Unit 3
    First Voyage to America- Christopher Columbus
    Ferdinand Magellan- Katharine Bailey
    Bard of Avon- Diane Stanley
    The Sad Night- Sally Schofer Mathews
    The Renaissance- Mary Quigley
    Aztecs and Incas- Sue Nicholson, hb
    Elizabeth I- Stephanie Turnbull
    The Awakening of Europe- M.B. Synge, also used in Unit 3
    Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation- D. Bond
    Thunderstorm in Church- L. Vernon
    Huguenot Garden- D. Jones III

    Buy this lot for $95 ppd

    Unit 3 Of Crowns and Colonies/ Lower and Upper Grammar

    Three Ships Come Sailing- Gilchrist Waring, hb
    Samuel de Champlain- Adrianna Morganelli
    Making Thirteen Colonies- Joy Hakim
    The Iroquois- Mary Englar
    Freedom Seeker- G. Swain
    Blackthorn Winter- Douglas Wilson
    Stories of the Pilgrims- M. B. Pumphrey
    Finding Providence- Avi
    The Plymouth Colony- Pamela Dell
    Scottish Seas- Douglas Jones III
    Anne Hutchinson- M. Mangal (dialectic)
    Roger Williams- Elizabeth Raum

    Buy this lot for $ 90 ppd

    Unit 4 Age of Revolutions/ Lower and Upper Grammar

    Benjamin Franklin- Time Biographies for Kids
    With Pipe, Paddle and Song- E. Yates
    And then what happened, Paul Revere?- Jean Fritz, hb
    Battles of the French and Indian War- D. Smolinski

    Buy this lot for $22 ppd

    I'll ship media mail. Delivery confirmation and insurance is included in price. I can accept paypal or MO.


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    All books have sold. Thanks!

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