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Thread: Please Pray for my friend....

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    I would like to put this prayer request out into this praying community. I close friend of mine, Heather, and her family are going through some incredibly hard times right now! For reasons unknown, my friend has had a break from reality, and has for now abandoned her faith in Christ, her husband, children, and her home schooling. In one weeks time her "world-view" changed, and she left the state, with a one way plane ticket.

    Please pray that the Lord's hand would be upon this family right now, supporting, guiding, healing, and protecting them, especially her husband and children. Also, please pray that the Lord would touch and heal whatever it is that is afflicting my close friend, and that she would come to her senses, and come back home to us!!

    Thank you so much!!

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    How devastating. I'll be praying.
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    Just saw this post - haven't been on much since school started - Just want to let you know I will pray for this family

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    Ever since I read this post, God has been bringing your friend, Heather to my mind. I have been praying for her. If you have a chance please update. I'm so sorry for you and her family!
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