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Thread: Bible Study with Church History

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    I have just started planning for our first unit of TOG 2 and realized that there is not a formal study of the Bible but a study of church history. After studying the Bible so much last year in TOG 1, I am at a loss for what to use with my kids for Bible Study. (last year was our first year HSing!) We do Awana's and Bible verse memorization. I have 3 daughters, (D) 13, (UG) 9, and (LG) 7. I would like for us to all use the same thing so we can discuss what we are learning together. Any help would be so appreciated!!


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    We are using a program called Bible Study for All Ages and then devotions in the morning.


    Mom to Turkey Lips D, Lizard Legs UG, Tinker Bell 4, and Bellie 2.

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    I decided to do a study of the book of Acts for the first part of this year. I have children doing UG, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. So we'll read through the book together, do memeory work together, and then the children will each do study work on their own. I'm pulling together a variety of resources to do this.

    I'm not sure what we'll do after we finish that. I'll pray about it and see what seems to fit with where we are at in our home.

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    When you say that you're going to study the book, do you mean the book of Acts, or are you going through a planned curriculum on Acts? I was thinking about studying Acts this first quarter with my LG and UG kids.

    I'm interested in what you will be doing.

    Julie in AZ

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    I mean a study of the book of Acts. I don't have a curriculum that was purchased. We will be reading and discussing chapters and verses as we move through the semester. Along with this the children will have their own "study" of the book. At times this could include narrations of passages read (written or oral), recitation of portions of Scripture assigned, word studies, topical studies, or assigned questions to be answered.

    It is my hope that my houseful of teenagers will grasp a vision for sacrificially living for the Lord and spreading his Word. That was the focus of the early church and should still be the focus today. But as teenagers, it is easy to get caught up in the daily study of ideas and not understand the "big picture." Seeking to be "wise" they may actually become "fools."

    Tertullian wrote in the early century after Christ that heresies are adopted by those weak in faith and refuse to just believe as a child. He places quite a bit of blame on Aristotle and fruitless discussions without end.

    I want them to understand that academics has a purpose beyond just themselves. Making Christ known is the big picture. As they study the life and purpose of the early church, I hope that they move into adulthood with the same zeal, vision and purpose. The early church accomplished many things without fancy words or advanced degrees. In short, I want my children to trust Jesus and not their own intellect as they move into adulthood.

    That is my hope and prayer. I will be obedient, God will bring about the end result.

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    Thanks so much for your reply!

    I'm looking forward to hitting Acts for the first time with my kids.

    And, once again, I'm feeling grateful for this forum and the women that post here.

    Julie in AZ

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