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    Can anyone help me with the state and president cards? I would really like to do this project with my UG girls but am feeling overwhelmed and in need of specific directions. I found the templates on the yahoo files but I don't exactly understand what I'm to do with them. Also I haven't seen anything regarding the president cards. Thanks.

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    This is my first year with TOG and there may be other answers to this question, but I found the templates in the blue pages of week 1 for both states and presidents.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi! What year plan are you doing? The directions for doing these cards are in the introduction and/or the first week or two of the year plans (except obviously year 1).

    The student activity pages give directions for which states or which presidents to assign in a given week. I simply put the blank cards in the front of their notebooks at the beginning of the week. Then they know to use resources on our shelves or any assigned readings for the week to fill out the cards. My kids draw and color pictures to glue onto the fronts of the cards. I always make sure to ask them to note at least one fact about the state or president that is unique, unusual, or particularly noteworthy.

    We use the completed cards for review or for games.

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    I had to start Year 3 a little earlier than most so we've already started these. I have 2 UG this year. There are 16 states in the first week to catch up with if you didn't do Year 2. It took us about 3 weeks to finish them. All I did was use the and had them look up the information themselves. To help out with the work load I let them split the states so they only had to look up info on 8 states each. They weren't able to find all the info for each card but as long as they got the general idea behind each state I didn't mind that part.

    I found the state cards in the supplement 3 of week 1 form The Loom (or in the back of week 1green supplements) I used my own printer and used card stock. You could easily take the shet from the teachers manual and make copies on cardstock at a copy center as well. I also took the time to make up states maps cards to be pasted on the back of each card but we tend to a be very visual family so seeing the state helps us connect things around here. you are welcome to email me if you would like those cards. I think my email should show up on the bb. I also order state flag stickers for them to use on each card.

    Once I got it all together I really didn't find it too difficult to get it started. I encouraged them a bit by telling them that we only had 16 states right off the bat because we didn't do Year 2 last year. I also looked ahead and found that the next week we have states there is only 1 state to cover that week. That seemed to help them get through the cards without to much discouragement.

    As far as the presidents cards, you can also find them in the week 1 supplement. I also printed these on card stock. Again, to help our visual nature I am having them cut out a picture of the president that I found on one of the website the TOG gives us. It's labeled under general history under presidents ("Make a full color book of the President." The website won't let me copy and paste.) They are gluing these to back so they can put a name with a face. We're a little behind on those right now but should get caught up this week.

    Did any of that make sense? I am in a hurry right now but thought I would take a few minutes to answer because I know I would forget this evening.

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    Thank you Karen for sharing, I just came to the forum to figure this out myself and your post has really helped.

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    Thank you for the post on the states link! That will help us so much! I will post this on my blog summarizing my TOG week so others can glean there when doing the same project!

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    Thank you here too. I was glad I did a search to find this one. This helps a lot!
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