If you have interest in joining a yr 1 TOG co-op starting Week 1 in
the first week of Sept.....this is an option:

I would like to, Lord willing have a History virtual co-op that
meets on Mon or Tuesdays
1x a week online OR every other week…
I have a MegaMeetings chatroom we could use unless someone else has a
better location…

The kids (mine are UG & D) would discuss the
accountability/discussion or evaluation CD questions with a parent
facilitating…this responsibility would rotate....the UG will use some
of the simple ?? in the lesson or the evaluation CD.....and maybe
share some of their hands on stuff if they choose....

I will start week 1 the first week of Sept…

It would need to be a relaxed co-op as far as I am concerned…for the
moms not the kids=)We would select items from the TOG lesson plans...

If u are very interested please email ebonness@... have only
2 weeks till school......




"Jesus said.... let the little children come to me..."