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Thread: Markable maps?

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    Has anyone used a markable map or something similar to do the geography work with? I have several children and I thought maybe it would be better if they all worked on the map together. It would also be a bigger map for them to work on. Has anyone done this? How did it work?

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    Hi Renee,
    We didn't use markable maps, but we did share the assignment. Each student had his own paper map, but each student would find one column of labels, or a predesignated grouping. They would then share their answers, but all had to make them on their own maps. To me, this seemed to reinforce learning.

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    Renee, I used to do this as this is how Sonlight encourages you to do map work.

    I would suggest investigating around as Rainbow Resource also carries some dry erase / wet erase maps that are mounted on boards. The biggest inconvenience for the markables is they like to curl.

    The other thing to consider if you have older children is that some of the detailed stuff they'll need to find and mark might be too small for even a large markable.

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