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Thread: Week 7 Rhetoric questions

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    Hi, I have a print copy of Y1 Redesigned. We are on week 7 and are trying to figure out some of the questions. The Teacher's Notes and discussion outline do not have any of the answers to these questions so I am finding myself trying to figure out the answers myself so that I can help my son. (This has been a new thing for me since we started using Dialectic in Year 3 and found Year 3 and 4 to be so much easier than Year 1 has been so far for both Dialectic and Rhetoric.)

    Specifically, I am struggling with question #4 which says, "Read Exodus 21:1-23:9. List the "heart attitudes" that these laws require in God's people. (List them!)"

    I am at a loss as to what exactly this question is looking for. It seems to be asking for a specific list and I have no idea how to determine what should be on it and what should not.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Candace,
    I'm not exactly sure what "list" is being asked for here either; I'll definitely see what we can do to provide more clarity for this question in a future update.

    When I was teaching this to my boys, I just emphasized the fact that true obedience to God requires a heart that seeks Him. (Notice in the 1st hour of discussion point #2.)

    Hope this helps a bit,
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    Thanks, Dana.

    On another note, I sure miss the advantages of the digital edition. I used DE for Year 3 and 4 and sure miss it now that I'm back to the paper copy of Year 1. Maybe some year I'll be able to "upgrade" my print to digital!

    Wife to dh of 19 years
    Mom to 14 ds, 12 ds, 11 ds, 9 dd, and 5 dd

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