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Thread: when to start latin?

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    I am wondering what age to start Latin. I have an 11yr. old who has the basics of grammar. I also have an 8yr old who has had little grammar instruction. Also twin boys at 6 coming along. I would like to do latin but is there a program that both my 11 yr. old and 8 yr old can do? Or should my 8yr old have more formal english grammar before Latin? They both are anxiou to learn a different language-not sur ethey would be excited about LATIN but......
    any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Latina Christiana or Latin for Children could both be used with 3rd grade and up. It would work to keep your children together.

    You'll get different opinions on whether you *should* do Latin with an 8 yo. Some say to start Latin immediately upon learning to read well in English, and some say to wait until the Logic/dialectic stage to begin. I like using an elementary program beginning at about the ages of your children because they can learn the basics without too much effort. Once they are older, Latin isn't intimidating or as difficult because they have a good foundation.

    So, dd (#1) started with Prima Latina (PL) in 3rd grade and will finish Latina Christiana 2 this year in 5th. Ds (#2) will start LC1 in 5th (or maybe do PL in 4th because a friend will be taking it). The reason I'm waiting on #2's Latin is because we started Greek this year and I want to have a 2 year span between the start of each language. (In our case, Greek will be together, and Latin will be done at different levels.)

    I don't mean to complicate things for you, but I mention this because we're doing Greek together (5th, 3rd, and me) at my 3rd grader's pace. This is working well for us, and I think it would work well for you with Latin.

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    My 8yo & 10yo boys have almost finished Latina Christiana I together. By age 8, I would just skip Prima Latina and go straight for LC. The grammar is minimal through both of the LC books. I use a seperate grammar curriculum alongside LC from about age 9.

    My 12yo son is about halfway through the first Henle book (after LCI & II) and the grammar has been tough for him. He has had the most success when we just open the grammar book and study whatever he needs for the current Latin lesson - direct objects, indirect objects, possessives, predicate nominatives, etc...

    I had no Latin background and, while it is challenging, I think Latin is a blast!

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