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Thread: Having trouble with all TOG Cd's I get

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    I forgot to mention that I received all these discs from TOG this past fall (2009). (Purchased in spring/summer '09 but shipped in fall.) Just in case that information is useful.

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    Okay, so it's a new school season and I'm trying to print my Y4 maps, evaluations, etc. and I'm having trouble with the TOG cds. This is a new computer running Windows 7. I'm really so frustrated. I insert the CD, choose AutoPlay and then it sits there. Nothing happens. I've left it alone for up to 30 minutes and nothing happens. This only happens with the TOG cds. I've read my past messages, so I'm trying to figure it out, but I really don't understand why these cds are so difficult. This is the third year I've had trouble with the cds. Many different computers.

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    Well, I'm using the directions I outlined in last year's post, and I've managed to open and print evaluations for Unit 1. I guess I'll see I can do a workaround on the other disks. Sorry if I came across as rude in the post above. I just find the TOG cds extremely tiresome. If I could have resold the print/DE version, I would have bought it just to avoid these disks.

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    Security problem. The auto run will not work on my computer and I know exactly why and I bet it is everyone's elses problem as well. If you do security patches from Microsoft, then one of the patches disabled the autorun feature. It viewed it as a security threat. So when the autorun comes up, I cancel it. Then I have to manually go and click on computer where it shows Drive A, B, C, etc. I right click on my CD drive and tell it to open. I then click on the index icon and it has all of the files listed in the format I am used to. The autorun feature will not work on any newer computer and/or if you have an older one where you do Microsoft automatic security updates. It doesn't take much time to do it this way, but that is why you are having trouble.


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    Thanks, Christine!

    That really clears things up.

    I'll ask our production team to add detailed instructions for future CD's.

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    No problem. I just remember noticing in one of the update to Microsoft about it disabling the autorun feature. I hadn't bothered to read this thread before.


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    Please note: I am a non-techie.
    Have used TOG for 4 yrs; map aids for the last yr only (Y4) without problem till now.
    Purchased Y1 redesigned map aid CD & printed out teacher maps without problem.
    When I started printing Y1 student maps, I kept getting a screen popping up that wanted me to SAVE each map I wanted to print after printing the 1st week's worth. It does work when I do this, but is very tiresome.
    Any ideas why this is happening?
    Would appreciate any help.

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    I've solved it!
    Kept trying to figure it out, trying different things, and...
    Discovered that, somehow, printer settings were changed from our norm & re-setting solved it.

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