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    Hi all,
    I have a question regarding Bible. I am new to Tapestry and I can't seem to find anything on Bible/Scripture reading for each week. Am I missing something? What are most of you doing for Bible?
    Thanks so much

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    A lot depends on the year plan you are using. And it depends on what your goals and expectations for "Bible" are.

    In Year One the Bible readings are woven into the history, church history, and literature areas through the year. Some weeks there may be no readings but in others the readings will be the focus.

    In following year plans, the Bible is not read although students are asked at the upper levels to apply scripture to historical situations and decisions. Instead church history and some historical figures of Christian faith will be studied.

    For younger students I think what is covered in year one is adequate for Bible study (D and down). However, I am returning to Year One myself this year with a ninth grader. I will add on a study of God's will for our behavior for my oldest two (R and D) because I know I have only a few years with my oldest to get him to think through how his faith plays out into his life.

    In other year plans, I added in a Bible study. Since my guys are only three years apart we've done a combined study for the last three years.

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