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Thread: D virtual co-op for 2011-2012

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    Hi, I'm wanting to join/participate in a Y3 virtual co-op for both Literature and History. My son is in 7th grade. His best friend would also be joining us (along with his mom) as that keeps our lives a bit simpler (since we do so much TOG together with our younger kids already). So that would be 2 D level boys and 2 moms to divide up the discussions.

    You can contact me at

    Wendy H in MA

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    I'm adding in my latest email to the Yahoo groups since it has more info about us.
    Hi all,

    I am VERY interested in joining and participating in a Year 3 D level co-op for Lit and History for the school year 2011-2012. Let me tell you a little about me and my son.

    We've been using TOG since C was in first grade - LOVE IT still. Every year has been a different adventure with changes to how we use it as I'm sure many of you can attest to. We've been part of a VERY small (one other family) TOG co-op since our oldest boys were in K (they're currently in 6th grade). This is a family we work very well with (8 kids total) and sharing the load of teaching has been very easy and rewarding. Joanna pushes me in areas I need pushing and I push her where she needs it. Very mutually beneficial, but a LOT of work. In our long day together, we're TRYING to accomplish a LOT. Projects for all kids (ages 3-12), speech (Communicators for Christ), Writing (IEW for the 4th graders and Write Aids for the 6th graders), Literature discussion for LG, UG, and D, as well as History discussion for D level. All this with a 3 yo and 1 yo in tow slowing us down.

    From that immense list, you can imagine that something has to give - not all will fit into our very full day. What we're finding slipping are the discussions. We try to prioritize what must be done during nap time and Writing usually wins (and speech is a close second). Both Joanna and I would like more accountability with leading these discussions, but we need more kids for that accountability. Maybe just 4 more families - then we'd each only have to lead 6 weeks of discussions. C and N will be in 7th grade and are both doing very well keeping up with the reading this year. The issue is MOM finding the time to lead the discussion with just 1 child (since we don't really have time when we meet in person on Fridays).

    Joanna and I do need to be in the same virtual co-op since we'd need for our D level students to be aligned with one another so that our families would continue to be aligned with one another as this wouldn't affect our personal gatherings. So we're a package deal.

    Please contact me if you're at all interested. I've also posted my info on the Co-op Synergy list as well in the Forums under Y3 co-ops. I think I'll copy this email to the forums so I'm giving more info there.

    Wendy H in MA

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    Hi there it is Lois from tues online co-op=)

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