Hello, I just found a fun book about Donuts! Yup.. with recipes, famous quotes with regards to donuts from famous people of the 1800's, information on donut machines and the inventor, good historical info for the early 1900's (even some in the 1800's). This is a fun book to browse through while making some donuts for your gang and to celebrate all your hard work. I would've used it for the end of Unit 1...but didn't find it until now.

"The Donut Book - Great Recipes The Whole Story in Words, Pictures & Outrageous Tales" By Sally Levitt Steinberg

on Amazon you can buy the book and also the s/s Donut & Cookie Cutter
Fun Family or Youth Group time together.

You'll see references and pictures to people eating donuts, donut posters, lots of fun pictures all around the early 1900's time period (unit 1 - Yr4) -WWI troops loved donuts..(well everyone does, I think).

I found my book at our local library.
Celebrate and have some fun! Who knows, maybe your child will be inspired and open the next best donut shop in town.