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Thread: Modifying TOG for other countries.

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    Is there any guide for modifying TOG for other countries?

    Do we add in information about our country at the relevant time in history? Do we remove some of the US history and if so what? How do we incorporate differences in our cultures into TOG?
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 3
    C (12, D)
    D (10, UG)
    J (4)
    K (2)

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    Hi, Kylie

    Tapestry WAS written for US audiences, and therefore you would have to tweak for your country's history. If I were going about it, I would sit down with a good textbook that details your nation's history. I would note where the important periods fall, and then, yes, I would remove the US History (or condense it) and replace it with my nation's history. I would probably use the textbook for my own information, and look around in my own country for locally produced books that detail my nation's history in an interesting way.


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    Thanks I'm starting with Y1 now so that gives me time to do the adjustments as I near the end of year 2. I will have to buy the curriculum in advance though so I have time to make alterations before buying the books. Is there a more detailed list of what each week entails than just the titles or will I need to buy the curriculum to see what is in each unit?
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 3
    C (12, D)
    D (10, UG)
    J (4)
    K (2)

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