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Thread: pattern for paper viking longboat?

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    Does anyone have a pattern or a link for a paper/cardstock viking longboat similar to the one shown in week 5 (page 17)? All my searches turn up real 3D models made of wood. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Carolyn,

    This viking ship doesn't look very detailed, but it might be what you are wanting.


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    We did the papercraft link viking ship posted by Kim. It may not look detailed, but it's a lot of very fine cutting and gluing! Not for little kids, and would be a treat for the older, anal, detail-oriented child. I tried to do it with my 8yo and I ended up sitting at my desk for a LONG time because the work required to too fine for her 8yo hands! But, it's a nice ship!

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    Thank you for your ideas and links.


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    I have bookmarked this site for when we study the Vikings this year. It looks like it will be fun to make.!-craft/


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