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Thread: college after TOG?

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    For those of you who have kids that finished TOG and have gone on to college, where did they go? Christian or secular? College or university? Why types of schools did they go to? How well accepted was the TOG curriculum during the admissions process?

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    Hi Chris,
    I've graduated all of my children, who went on to college...some Christian, some secular. None of the colleges asked for a list of curriculum that we used in high school. They only wanted to know the courses and grades.

    Hope this helps!
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    My oldest is graduating in May. She has taken 2 dual-credit courses at the local community college w/ no problems.

    They were very impressed with her transcript and course descriptions. I didn't mention TOG specifically, but just the general description of topics studied. (I think I found it on the Loom Disk.)

    Best wishes,

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    We ran a co-op in Gaithersburg that, over the years, involved about 70 families while I was writing and developing TOG, and the students who used it back then have returned time and again to thank me personally for giving them the education that we did.

    They have gone to such places as Grove City, Hillsdale, Montgomery Community College (Scholars Program, especially), University of Maryland, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Towsen University, Patrick Henry, etc. (Our church culture leans towards staying local for college, hence the list appears as it does.

    Over the last 10 years or so, I know of no students who did not gain entry because of their TOG studies; most attributed their acceptances (and often their scholarships) to their high school records using TOG, and virtually all have said that they struggle far less than their classmates with Freshman assignments because they were so well prepared.

    I truly don't say this to toot our horn, but to give you real life feedback in a place where a bunch of students have crossed this bridge.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies so far. I'm just starting the process and wanted to know what to expect. Looks like it should be smooth sailing

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    here's an amusing aside -- Two 11th grade students from our rhetoric co-op (my son and another young lady) were on separate college visits in which they sat in on a class (not the same college). The female student was sitting in a literature class when the professor asked something about poetry (I can't remember exactly what). None of the college students knew the answer, so she timidly raised her hand and provided the answer since it was something we had learned from TOG. For my son, he was sitting in a New Testament class when the teacher brought up allusion, and he had to explain it to the students while my son sat in the back and smiled, knowing the term already from TOG. They had fun reporting these incidents back to the rest of the kids in co-op :-D

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