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Thread: choices between Math curriculum

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    I wanted to jump in on this discussion because we just heard MUS author, Steve Demme, speak at our local HS convention last month. While looking over what MUS has to offer, I was intrigued and am wondering about switching from our current mix of Abeka/Bob Jones.

    My concern is that my kids aren't so little anymore - next year I will have a 16 yo ds, 15 yo ds, and an 11 yo dd at home, winding down with the last 3 of 8 ... I wonder if switching at this point would end up posing more problems than solving them. My current issue is that there aren't sufficient explanations in each lesson, for my current 8th grader to understand pre-algebra - he is not bent towards math. I end up spending usually anywhere from an hour to 2 hours a day on his math lesson. By the time we're done, he gets it, but it's pretty painful and laborious. Then, by the time that concept is covered and we move on to something else, he forgets it all. My dd is doing "okay" with her Abeka level 5, but I'm not in love with that either, and we would switch to Bob Jones anyway, as they do offer more explanation and answers to the "why's" behind each concept/operation/function, what have you, than Abeka does. Any ideas from other moms, as far as making a switch in light of the ages of my kids, would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Laurie
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    I have looked at MUS but chose to go with something different. However, I know that going forward if any of my kids struggle with math I will go to MUS. I could be wrong, but I cannot imagine a child not "getting" math after MUS. I am a long way out but right now MUS is where I envision going for pre-algebra and up. I hope someone with more experience is more help but maybe try just switching your 8th grader first to see if you like it before switching everyone?
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    Do you know anyone who has MUS?
    After finishing 3rd gr. Abeka, I switched my son to MUS & had him backtrack to Gamma level to review & then cover in-depth concepts he didn't understand. We began in late Aug. that year & finished Gamma before T'giving, as much was review. We then moved on to Delta & finished that by mid-May. (no, we didn't make ourselves crazy & work around the clock; we just spent less time on easier or familiar concepts).
    I say all this because if your kids don't understand everything, you may need to backtrack & do an abbreviated version of a level or so.
    If you can borrow a friend's DVD, you can more easily identify where addl. help is needed.
    OR you could try the placement tests on the MUS website.

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    I second Tracey's advice. (as someone who switched to MUS after attempting Algebra 1 with another program)

    I had my daughter take the FREE placement test -- available online -- and she placed in Epsilon, which covers fractions. We worked our way through Epsilon, then Zeta, then Pre-Algebra, then Algebra 1 and now we're working our way through Geometry.

    I wished we had switched MUCH would have saved a lot of time and frustration.

    Now, my son who has done MUS from the beginning has an incredible grasp on math and occasionally helps his sisters with their math -- which we haven't covered yet.

    MUS isn't just for kids who struggle with's an excellent, multi-sensory math program that teaches the WHY behind the math...instead of just the formula to get the answer.

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    We used Math U See until Epsilon, she got completely lost with fractions!! Even though I enjoy Mr. Steve, it just wasn't "clicking" for us. We recently switched to Saxon but was debating to use Teaching Textbooks. I feel we are a bit behind in math but slowly catching up. I don't think I will use math u see as a complete program with my other younger kiddos. Maybe a bit of both.

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    We have used a number of different math programs but have settled on Video Text for our Algebra and above. I have my 14 year old in Algebra and my 11 year old in pre-algebra. They go in-depth into the "why". They do not teach the short cuts but teach the entire methodology and the children have an aha-moment when they see the short cut for themselves. The videos are not entertaining but do a thorough job of teaching.

    My daughter who struggles with math is doing great with this program. We switched a few times when she was younger and I do think this hurt us and caused lots of frustration. I think finding a program that you like and sticking with it is important for everyone involved.

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