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Thread: anyone on yr.2 unit 3 for fall?

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    We are looking for real or virtual co-op families that are on yr.2 unit 3, working through to yr.3 unit 2, next school season.
    I have LG(K),dialetic with some possible UG,and rhetoric.
    We are new to TOG, and looking forward in sharing with this.

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    Hi Amanda,
    Welcome to TOG! Our family is also starting at the same place you are this coming fall. We are new to Tapestry also. I'd love to see if we can't work out doing a virtual or real co-op. Please feel free to email me at

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    Another family and ours are doing a real co-op following this "off schedule".
    We'd love more families!
    Any chance you are are in Fayette/Coweta County Ga.?
    My typing is horrendous, so I can't imagine doing a virtual co-op :-(.
    Debbie Clark

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    I am considering using TOG this coming school year with these units! Right now I'm trying to find the book list of core readings in units 3&4, yr 2. Can anyone help me? It will help me make my decision! And am I correct in understanding that these 2 units are available in redesign?

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    Hi Julie,
    I'll try to help:
    Go to "The Bookshelf" on the TOG website, click on the left top corner where it says "shop now".
    It will direct you to a list of books according to what level & frequency they are used.
    As for the redesign; I believe units 3 & 4 will be ready around the new year, so I'm going ahead and using classic.

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    Hi moms,

    We are new to TOG and started in the classic year 2 unit3. My kids have done week 20, 21 and started 22. I would love to talk with any of ideas or if you guys are doing a virtual coop?

    My 15 daughter is not liking Sweet Land of Liberty. I have Clarence B. Carsons Basic History of United States which I had wanted to do anyway, but I guess it would be overkill! Is anyone familar w/these books? Has anyone already done the work of correlating them in w/TOG? I was also interested in incorporating HA Guerber's book The Story of the Thirteen Colonies. Anyone done this? Tammy

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