We are starting to get good questions about how people can share Tapestry with others. Well, our first aid for you has been posted at www.tapestryofgrace.com, and our Exploring Tapestry section of the website is getting a major facelift to reflect all this past year's changes in the next two weeks or so.

If homeschooling is a journey, Tapestry of Grace is a map.

I think most moms would agree that homeschooling is a trip! We pack up our kids in the family van and head out to see the sights. But, where shall we go first? How long should we stay when we get there? And, will the journey be worth the hassle?

We were talking about how to represent Tapestry to new customers this year, and we got to talking about an extended metaphor. The problem for so many families is that they know there's this stuff out there called "Classical content..." and that there's lots of it, but they don't know how it all fits together, or where to start in teaching it. Additionally, using traditional homeschooling curricula, instead of preserving family unity, each child is put into his own little car and travels each day his individual roads. Mom becomes more of a traffic cop trying to keep all the bumper cars on their tracks than the driver of the family van.

Using Tapestry, everyone travels together and explores the landscape of Classical Education from a Christian perspective in one family van that mom and dad really do drive. They tour each stop on the journey of homeschooling together and talk about it along the way. Moms set their own pace for their family's journey, and have a really good idea of where they're headed each day. Each family might choose to visit different sites, but they go together, and can stay as long as they like at each place of interest.

Having a map and a plan for what you want to see and how long it will take you to get there is what Tapestry is all about. So, as your friends are looking to research curricula next year, please feel encouraged to forward them this map and links to www.tapestryofgrace.com -- maybe they are in need of a guide for their journey, and Tapestry will give them just the help they need!

Due to popular demand, this map is now available online as a poster in two sizes. You can put it on your homeschooling (or bathroom?) walls for inspiration that is decorative as well! Year-specific sections of the map will also soon be made into posters and adorn totes as well. You'll want to bookmark our new merchandise store: See this link!