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Thread: Alternate to Apologia

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    My son is doing Apolgia's Physical science for 8th grade. It's just too much for him. Any recommendations on alternative biology courses for next year?

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    What is he having problems with? My dc struggled through the modules that required math skills. I thought the explanations in those modules were very poor. (I had trouble understanding them, and I'm a former chemistry/physics teacher!) My dc did fine in the modules that did not require math and loved Apologia Biology (no math) and are doing well in Chemistry now (math is explained well).

    All that to say - if he is struggling with the math, then he will probably be fine once he gets to Apologia Biology.
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    Have you considered the audio version of the book?? My daughter enjoyed listening to it being read as she followed along in the text book...

    Just a thought...

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