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    I grew up in Rapid City, SD. Several years ago, someone had the idea of sprucing up downtown by putting presidential statues on the corners of the streets. They put 2 presidents from the beginning and 2 presidents from George Bush, Sr., up each year. They have from George Washington to Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore to George Bush, Sr. When they have all of these presidents complete (2010) they'll start on the presidents after Bush Sr. after their term of office.

    We visited my parents and went for a walk to the statues. We took pictures of the children next to the statues in black and white film. It was a long walk, but fun.

    Now that we're studying the presidents in more detail, I'll use those pictures on the correct weeks.

    I just wanted to throw this idea out for anyone visiting the Black Hills area.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Diane--Wife of Shannon--Mom of Josh (R), Kyra (R), Hunter (D), Ian (D), Logan (UG), Mathias (LG), Emma (LG), Sawyer (K), Forest, Autumn and baby due 3/22/10.

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    Diane, thank you for telling us about this! I was born in SD (DeSmit) but havenít been there in 30 plus years. Before looking into Rapid City today I would not have guessed that it was so modern and cosmopolitan! :-)

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