Dear friends,

As we begin our 2008-09 school year we would like to express our gratitude and support to all of our moms and dads who will be participating in co-ops using Tapestry of Grace. We at Lampstand Press want to help support your efforts and be a means of grace to you.

Today we are introducing Melody Grove as our Co-op Coordinator. Melody has six children, currently aged 25 to 6, and used Tapestry of Grace in both a home setting and as a teacher in a co-op in Frederick, Maryland. She also serves as our Phone Mom Team Leader, which assists parents who are new to Tapestry by providing information and orientation to our program.

Melody is excited to begin a new role as Co-op Coordinator. Her job (and her delight) will be to open the lines of communication so that we may more effectively serve you by sharing about unique ways that Tapestry works well in the context of facilitating, planning and administrating a coop.

The services that we envision enabling Melody to furnish to co-ops are many, and we are only in the starting stages. As we develop this branch of our ministry, we hope to offer the following helps:

• We plan to develop a Private Co-op page,
• Develop new systems by which we can provide timely communications regarding curriculum updates,
• Help co-op leaders to reconcile variations between TOG printings of the same Year-Plan, and other logistical concerns,
• Help you make connections with other potential coop participants in your area, if desired,
• Provide organizational tools for your co-ops – suggestions for charters, policies, liability release forms, suggested schedules, student contracts, etc.,
• Facilitate sharing among leaders as to what has worked in successful TOG co-ops, and
• Provide Teaching Tools to facilitate group learning.

To help achieve these objectives, we first need your help. Our database at Lampstand Press does not allow us to identify co-op leaders. We are therefore requesting that our co-op leaders become “official” and provide us with the following information so that we may serve you more effectively for the 2008-09 school year:

Name of Coop
Coop Leader name(s)
City, State
Primary Contact email address
Primary Contact Phone number
Number of TOG participants
Year Plan(s) taught
Subjects taught
Co-op Share & $ave Code

Please email this information to and to Ally Loftness’s attention in the subject line. We can then keep you in the loop as we develop this exciting new group of services!