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    Hi everyone,

    We're currently working on summaries at the Dialectic level. I have the WA program. In the section on Summaries, it suggests using encyclopedia articles to practice this skill.

    Here's my dumb question - what does it mean when it states, "After he's done highlighting (the main ideas), ask him to summarize, or take reading notes on, the article."

    Do they mean jot down supporting points for each highlighted main idea? I guess I am confused by the direction to "summarize" the article. To me, it does not mean the same thing as "take reading notes".

    I got an article on Polar Bears from the internet, and used the WA Summary Writing worksheet. Is this basically what they are directing the student to do in the Summaries section?

    I hope I am being clear in what I'm trying to ask here. )

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    Hi Lisa,
    Basically, he takes the highlighting, and makes an outline. These are the "reading notes." Some people prefer to use a Cluster Diagram or Summary Writing Worksheet for this instead. From these notes, he can write a paragraph summarizing what he's read.

    The idea is that, in order to adequately summarize, he has to take some type of notes. As he progresses in skill, he won't have to highlight, but can jump straight to the outline.

    Does that clear things up?

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    Thanks, Dana.

    We do a lot of outlining, so that is not a problem. I just got confused by the instruction to highlight the main ideas and then take "reading notes".

    What I would normally do is highlight the main idea in each paragraph, have my dd pick out a few supporting points, and then do an outline from there. She could then use her outline to create a summary paragraph, written in her own words. I took "reading notes" to mean supporting points FOR the highlighted "main ideas" for each paragraph.

    The Summary Writing worksheet instructs the student to jot down three main ideas and then list three details for each main point. From there, the student writes three summary paragraphs. This is a bit different from what is stated in the Summary section of WA.

    Am I making any sense here?


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