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Thread: Poetics framework, reading assignments?????????

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    Question Poetics framework, reading assignments?????????

    OKay, I'm really confused about week 19, which we are just starting the Poetics assignments.
    I can't find the poems on the loom we are suppose to read?
    in the RH lesson p. 21 it says...........

    " as you start on this week's work, don't forget that you exercises will be partly based on your reading from Poetics and Frameworkds. .......... then it list;

    Gustavbe Flaubert: "A Simple Heart"
    Emily Dickinson: "It's all I have to Bring today"


    Where do I find these pieces to read?
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    The reading assignments on that page are referring to the Shorter Works Anthology which can be found in the digital edition by: opening Tapestry, clicking Unit 3 on the horizontal bar under the big Tapestry of Grace, clicking Week 19 on the vertical bar on the right of the screen, and clicking Shorter Works Anthology, which is the button right above the last one. It should show the Shorter Works Anthology readings for that week. So you can then click Dickinson or Flaubert and it will open the readings you need. They open in LockLizard like most Tapestry documents and can be easily printed and read from there. Of course, you need to own the Shorter Works Anthology which can be purchased from TOG.

    Hope that helps,

    P.S. The Poetics reference you quoted just means that the student should read the Poetics reading before doing the questions, not that the reading in Dickinson etc. is in Poetics.

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