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    Ok, I'm still getting the hang of planning and implementing TOG. We just completed Week 23 of Year 1 about Esther. I noticed in the teacher notes that there were discussion questions for the Grammar level students. This was wonderful for my daughter and she LOVED our discussion! She wants more! But I'm looking ahead and not seeing them in each week.

    Do other weeks have some discussion questions for the younger crowd? If not, are there any plans by Tapestry to add in a little more for Grammar students who want to participate more fully but need questions on their level? I didn't want to have to write my own thought-provoking questions for that level.

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    We're currently working through Year 1 in an attempt to smooth it out and make it more like the other year-plans. In doing this task, we're making sure that there are adequate Bible questions for the younger crowd. (This is another great reason to purchase DE: updates like this are FREE!)

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you! I do have the DE version so I'll be updating that when it comes out.

    I was hoping that there would be added discussions for the younger crowd as it is so helpful for them to see the big picture and to think through how things fit together. I would love having more guided discussions!

    Do you know if they plan to add any resources to Year 1? It seems to have the smallest number of books out of all 4 years-at lest in the lower levels. I know that resources on ancient times are hard to come by for little ones, but I've had to add in some extras for our weeks. Some weeks only utilize the Children's Bible which left us wishing there were more resources. We did look through the alternate resources and we used some of the ones I was able to find, but my kids were wanting more to read as part of history.

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