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Thread: Using STOW spine with LG

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    Using STOW spine with LG

    Next school year we are using TOG yr 2. I am wondering if I should use STOW as a spine my oldest will be in 2nd next year. We used STOW vol 1 this year. Do any of you use STOW as a spine for LG why or why not?

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    All of the SOTW volumes are listed as alternates in each year-plan for Upper Grammar, although it's not a problem to use for Lower Grammar too. It's handy to have a "textbook" to fill in weeks in which you may not own a book, can't find it at the library, etc.

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    Hi - We use SOW every week - I have a LG that I use it with along with my UG. I like the way it is written to the kids. I, like you, currently use it for Year 1, but will use it for Year 2 also. It is our Friday reading for TOG and my boys look forward to it. We enjoy reviewing and wrapping up the week with it. It is also available on audio CD which works great for listening in the car.

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