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Thread: Moving to Gaithersburg MD area

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    Moving to Gaithersburg MD area

    Hello! My name is Marian Wilkinson. The Lord is moving our family to the Gaithersburg area this summer. We have been using TOG for the past 5 years. This fall we will be using Year 2. I have children in the UG, DL, and RL. We have always been a part of a coop here in Wilmington, NC, and love it. I am hoping that there is a coop located in the Gaithersburg/Rockville area. If you are in a coop (no matter what Year) or know of a coop in the area, please contact me at

    Thank you,


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    I used to live in that area, and know of several co-op groups running there. They are all associated with folks attending Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg. You may find contact information for them on our Find A Friend map. Blessings on your move!

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    Thank you, Marcia, for your response. I am sorry you are no longer in the area. It would have been a real blessing to meet you in person! But I am sure the Lord has great things for you where you are. I have begun the process of joining FSP at Covenant Life Church. We are not positive if the Lord would have us join Covenant Life Church (it is a very large possibility as we have been impressed with what the Lord seems to be doing there), but we knew we had to start somewhere. So far, I have not found anyone who can point me in the direction of a real live person with a name and contact information! I have been assured that there are TOG coops, but so far, I have no contacts. I feel a bit of a time constraint, because I know many coops like to get their proverbial ducks in row in the spring. We are not living in MD yet. I wanted to let the kids finish their year here. So, we are a bit out of the loop at FSP. Our coop closes registration in April--so I am sure that many coops in MD probably do the same.

    If the Lord brings the opportunity up, I would appreciate your passing my info on to a coop family or two in the area. I know you are extremely busy, so I realize this may be out of the realm of the possible, but should the Lord provide the way, my email is and my cell phone is 910 512 5280.

    Our coop is forever grateful for the way the Lord has used your ministry in our lives and families. We would be honored to do you the kindness of praying for you each Thursday we meet!


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    Dear Marian,

    By now I imagine you have completed your move to Maryland. I hope you were able to find a co-op group. We live not in Montgomery County, but in neighboring Anne Arundel County. We are also on Year 2 this year. While it would be too far to get together weekly, I was wondering if you or your co-op might consider our joining you for unit celebrations. We have a first grader (LG, obviously) and a preschooler. You can reach me at

    Debbie F

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