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Thread: DE verisions RESALE?

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    DE verisions RESALE?

    I'm trying to help a HSing mama who has accidentally bought a DE printed copy... She is returning it to the seller, but I was wondering if the following is true?

    " They said that the print version was not an option 2 years ago and that they could only buy the DE version with the print option extra."

    Was there ever a DE version that was/is OK to resell?

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    No, sorry to say that the DE version has never been available for resell. The Print version has always been available, although there was a brief period of time in which we were unsure if we would be able to continue to offer the Print version.

    Hope this helps clear it up for you and your friend!

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    I've been on that thread over there as well. I don't think the person was claiming that it was legal for her to do so, but was justifying her behavior by saying she didnt have the option to buy print-only, so it's okay for her to sell what she did buy. And even after being told by the OP of that thread that she isn't supposed to be selling it, she is still planning on reselling it again to someone else once the woman sends it back to her.

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