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    Is there anywhere that we can just copy and paste the vocab from? I am trying to make a weekly chart for the vocab (we do a few a day, there is a LOT of vocab) and I am weary of having to type them every week.


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    Currently we have no options to copy and paste the vocabulary words into a document. You must create your own word list. One way to do this is to get your students involved in making their own list. They can copy a few words each day and it can be included in their daily work. I used index cards for my students. They wrote the word on one side and the definition on the other side. We stored them in a recipe box and this worked great for test review and memorization. This will lighten your load as a teacher, help them become more involved in their own studies, and you both will reap the rewards of having fun while learning.

    Hope this information helps!

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    I agree with Sharon. The only time I ever made much progress in a foreign language was when I made my own vocabulary cards. What amazed me was just the act of making the cards caused me to learn some terms.
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