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Thread: Help me not regret getting WritingAids!

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    Question Help me not regret getting WritingAids!

    I love.. lovelovelove TOG. Even dd14 was mentioning how it has made school work easier.

    However Writing Aids has not.

    I am sorely confused. I understand where to get the info and what to print (if needed) for the weeks assignments but I *DO NOT* get what to do with the info.

    I am *NOT* a writer. I couldn't write my way out of a wet paper bag. It is the reason I do not have a college degree. I almost do, but I have English 101 and 102 to go through and I don't know how to write. So I haven't taken them, thus no degree. I do NOT know what a thesis statement is nor how to find one. I do not know how to transition. I do not know the difference between an opening paragraph and a conclusion. They seem the same to me.

    I gave up IEW in order to get WA and I am wondering at my decision as, after glancing through WA, I can't find a scrap of info to help me through this. I *NEED* hand holding for writing. I NEED simple logical steps to take to go through it.

    I don't know how to use a Venn or cluster diagram and I don't see an explanation on how, I do see examples but I also need an explanation on how that info cam about.

    Please give me any info you can!


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    We have wonderful supporting links for writing on each year-plan page of the Tapestry of Grace website. Many of these will give you direct information on how to use diagrams, explanations on what a thesis is, the difference between an opening paragraph and conclusion, etc. You could also do a quick internet search for any of these items and glean some great information! A writing handbook is an excellent resource! Are you using the student pages of Writing Aids for your dd? If this does not give you enough information you can do a search for a more in depth writing handbook. Maybe even try to join a writing group blog or email group that can give you some tips.

    Most importantly pray that God will open your mind and heart! With him nothing is impossible, our weakness is made perfect in His strength! I hope this information helps! Have a wonderful day!

    Sharon Land
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    Lampstand Press, Ltd.

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