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Thread: College Plus?

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    College Plus?

    Hello out there!

    College Plus seems to be getting more and more attention. It has piqued my curiosity. I have homeschool friends whose children have started with College Plus as Sophomores in high school. I hope I don't offend by saying this, but it seems college today isn't what college of yesterday was. I am so tired of hearing people say over and over that their Freshman year of college is nothing more than a repeat of high school. TOG is an excellent curriculum that seems to not only prepare our children well. But if U.S. colleges have been dumbed down, could our TOG students somehow combine their TOG work with something like CP and start getting college credit now?

    So, my basic question is has anyone pursued trying to get College Plus to work with TOG? I have barely clicked on their website and I haven't talked to any CP counselor yet. I am sickened to think of stopping TOG early (my daughter is finishing her sophomore year), but even more sick about the possibility that we could be wasting time and future money if she could be getting college credit already.

    Thoughts? Any experience here?

    Thanks much!

    Deb in Ohio

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    I hope this gets bumped up, b/c I'm curious about others' answers to this. I have a friend whose son, thanks to College Plus, earned his "Bachelor's degree" by the time he graduated homeschool high school. He's a very bright and driven student! However, I did he really earned the equivalent of a real BA from an accredited college; not in terms of credits, but measured in true education? He didn't sit in one class, or interact in person with one single professor. In my college experience, some of those interactions with people older and wiser than I, experts in their fields who were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about potential careers in their areas - those were of great value, and something I couldn't get through distance learning. I AM curious about CP, and whether it would save real money in the long run (although one has to consider the fact that credits taken on a great scholarship during college years may be less expensive than credits for which you pay full price during high school). As for academic rigor, I think that really depends on the college. My son just finished his sophomore year at Hillsdale College, after 6 years of Tapestry. He was well-prepared and did very well, but it is academically challenging for him (even freshman courses) and he's LOVING it. My second son is heading there this fall. I could definitely see using the CLEP and AP system to possibly place or CLEP out of some credits, especially in less-challenging schools - TOG, along with some guide of what's on the tests, would - I think - be great preparation for such exams.
    Would love to hear more of others' experiences!

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    We tried College Plus with my oldest and they recommend that he start with College Algebra. He was not even half way done Alg 2 in high school (teaching textbooks) and worked VERY hard on the College Alg. He was not progessing anywhere near as fast as CP said they expect students to. After 4 months he was very behind in high school math and no where near ready to take the CLEP. Most of what he was doing for CP to prepare for the CLEP was new to him, so he was learning new high school algebra and new college algebra. Anyway, he stopped and never CLEPed. I know at least one other family who uses it and her 16 will have at least 2 years towards college when he finishes high school. I'm not sure if my 16 yo is the best candidtate for CP. I hope to have my son use Edunation to CLEP some courses during high school. It is much cheaper. I know the homeschooling family who started it and I've spoken with them about it. My next oldest son is using the DIVE cd for 9th grade biology and the plan is for him to CLEP biology when he's done.

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