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    Combining Weeks

    We are starting to plan for our co-op for the fall. This year we will only meet together 30 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for combining or cutting weeks? We hate to skip anything because everything is so wonderful but in order to be practical we need to cut back our meetings to 30 weeks. By the way, this is for dialectic and rhetoric students. We are concerned about too heavy of a work load if we combine so we are considering cutting 1-2 weeks from each unit all together. What has been your experience and what do you suggest? Thnaks so much for taking the time to share.


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    I have had this problem both for my own family and now for a coop. I am still sorting out how to handle this myself, but these are some ideas I have had. I noticed that in the Tapestry online classes they combine week 1-2 and week 35-36. I think because the first and last weeks of the year tend to be lighter. Also, you might consider dropping a literature book here or there and then doubling up on history reading and cutting down and combining the discussion for 2 weeks into one. Or you could double up by doing 2 weeks worth of core history reading only and then only cover the 2 weeks worth of discussion questions pertaining to them, while doing 2 weeks of lit. reading but only one assignment for lit. I think it is hard to skip history altogether and keep the flow, but perhaps if you skip a mini-unit (like the 3 week one on Africa in Year 3 for example) it could work. You could always have your own kids read the skipped things over the summer if you want to cover it all. Hope this makes sense and gives some helpful thoughts.

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    I would suggest that first of all you combine weeks that are similar and weeks that your students are familiar with. In Unit 1, I would combine weeks 4 & 5 about President Jefferson. Weeks 7 & 8 Reshaping Europe and South America and South America in Transition. In Unit 2, I would combine weeks 13 & 14 Victorian England and Victorians at Home and Abroad. Weeks 15, 16, & 17 could be combined as these weeks are about moving westward. In Unit 3, weeks 22, 23, & 24 could be combined as they all pertain to the Civil War. In Unit 4, weeks 28 & 29 could be combined as they pertain to Africa and Reforming Empires and The Scramble for Empire. With combining these week-plans you can save 8 weeks! You only need to save 6, so this will still give you some flexibility! You could also choose to give these combinations a week and a half instead of just a week since you have more combining weeks than you need.

    I hope this information was helpful! Have a great day!

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