Hello ladies,

My DD (14) will be going into 9th grade in the upcoming year. We have been sitting on the Latin Road to Grammar programme for about three years. Due to a m/c, then a healthy pregnancy and baby and all that entails, we did not venture into it. We've decided to go for it now, as well as do another year of Spanish so she can get two credits for Spanish then do another language...yes, we're ambitious, but she wants to do this...

We've looked at Visual Latin and it looks like a lot of fun, much like her VideoText Algebra has been for her. I am very intimidated by the look of the LRTG (probably another reason it's been sitting on the shelf for so long). The practical side of me does not want to buy another program when we have one already, but I am scared by the thought of doing the LRTG alongside her and trying to manage the toddler, who is getting more and more demanding. Added to that, this is only the end of our first year of TOG and we are moving up to Rhetoric from Dialectic and participating in a co-op for both Literature and History (so I will have to teach other kids as well!!) and she will be doing a semester long online science class...

Whew! Talk about a baptism by fire!!

So the question is, are there better options for us than what we have, or should we do the LRTG since we have it (and I bought it because it was recommended by Sonlight, which we had used for many years before coming to TOG and was given good reviews by most people who I saw reviews from)? Am open to any and all recommendations.

Thanks so much,