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Thread: Printing on different size paper

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    Is there any way that I can resize the maps to fit on A4 paper. I live in Europe and would like to be able to print on the paper I can get here. As it is, the maps are cut off on the top and the bottom since the paper is longer and narrower. I also have a MAC which may or may not be the problem too.



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    When you open the print dialog box, look just under where it says the number of copies there is a box where you can select some options.

    On mine two seem possibilities: "shrink to printable area" and "fit to printable area."

    Try selecting those and seeing if the page will fit on your paper.

    Whatever you do make sure the check box that says "choose paper source by PDF size" is NOT checked.

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    Thanks much, just as you wrote your reply, I figured it out.

    Thanks again,


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