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Thread: Need help with history on transcript

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    Need help with history on transcript

    I am trying to figure out how to word my 16 (will be a junior next year) transcript. We used/are using TOG. Last year (his 9th grade) we finished the 2nd half of Year 4 and then did all of Year 1 (so I could put my 2 oldest in TOG online class Year 2 this year). So we did all of year 1 in one semester with some tweeking.

    I am making a transcript for him to apply to a college for dual credits.

    *****If I make one now, can I change the wording later (even if I give it to the same college)?? I know I can do one by subject. Once I make a transcript one way, can I change it from chronological to subject?

    How can I word it on transcript and give appropriate credits? Here's what he did and plans to do this year and next. I've looked at the LOOM (:

    9th grade- second half of year 4 and year 1.
    10th grade- year 2
    11th grade- he'll do year 3 and a Gov't course with HSLDA which is 0.5 credits. He may also CLEP US history 1&2.
    12th grade- he'll take an economics course one semester and maybe a dual credit geography.

    If he CLEPS US history I (in 11th grade) will that be enough or does he need US History II also?

    What is a good way to word his transcript?
    9th- U. S. History Since Reconstruction 0.5 credits
    Ancient History 0.5 credits
    10th- World History: Medieval Through 1800ís 1.0 credit

    11th- Western Civilization 1.0
    Government 0.5 credits
    12th- World geography 0.5 credits (hopefully dual credit)
    Economics 0.5 credits (dual credit)

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    I think I am going to name the courses...
    9th- World History I and Geography 1.0
    10th- World History II 1.0
    11th American History 1.0 Credit
    Gov't 0.5 credit
    12th- Econ 0.5 (dual credit)
    maybe a dual credit geography 0.5 credit

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    I think my only tip is not to change the transcript when you resubmit it even if you apply to different colleges. It's possible that an admissions officer would find this to be deceptive and question your whole package of information. So whatever you decide to go with stick with it.

    I guess I would consider titling the two halves of the first year that combines Year 4 and Year 1 with two different titles and giving half a credit for each. Depends on what your goals are though.
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