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Thread: Please pray for Colorado Springs

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    Exclamation Please pray for Colorado Springs

    I'm posting to ask you to stop and pray for God to rein in the fires descending on the city of Colorado Springs. In the last several hours, over 25,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. There is a possibility for rain and storms tomorrow. Please pray that God would send the rain, but hold back the winds. From my window, I can see the mountains of the front range of the Rockies burning. Pray for strength, safety and wisdom for the firefighters. Pray for peace for families affected. Most of all, pray for God to be glorified in this crisis.

    Thank you!

    Psalm 46

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    Definitely praying! We live in Colorado too.

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    Praying here, too. We're on the Western Slope and a fire started this afternoon with evacuations already occurring about 20 miles from us.

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    Praying as I read this from the safety of WV hills. Father God, YOU know all things. Lead, protect, and guide those affected by these fires! Oh, God, have mercy on those who cannot control their environment today. You are sovereign, and at all times our only hope! Let those who are threatened today look to the One who controls the wind and the rains. Rain on these fires, I pray, O Lord, and deliver from harm all who are suffering there. In Jesus' Name, and by His blood shed for us do I pray. Amen.

    No one can do me a greater kindness in this world than to pray for me.
    --Charles Spurgeon

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    Adding my prayers.
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    I have to give a little update: the fire that started and caused some evacuations ended up being a huge blessing to my family. About 15 miles away from that fire, another fire started - the second being very close to our home. Because the slurry planes were already in the air for the first fire, they were able to stop the second one immediately (within about 2 hours). They then were able to hold the first fire away from damaging any homes. Thank you for praying!!

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