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Thread: Base Maps/Year 1 Rhetoric-Are there only maps for rhetoric in Unit 1 ? ? ?

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    Base Maps/Year 1 Rhetoric-Are there only maps for rhetoric in Unit 1 ? ? ?

    I am confused. I am trying to print out maps for my rhetoric student for the semester, and when I looked, there is nothing past the earlier part of Unit 1 for rhetoric for the entire year. Am I missing something? Thanks for clarification.


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    There are only base maps in Unit 1 because you decide and set up the project in week 1. After that, the transparency project is dependent on which countries you are following. For instance, if you choose Greece, you'll only add overlays when you are studying Greece. They aren't mentioned again in the curriculum though, because even though you chose Greece, I might choose Israel. When you come to assignment for Greece, instead of doing a paper map, you'll do an overlay.

    Complete instructions are on the Loom, which might help a bit as well.

    Hope this helps some! Do let us know if you have other questions.

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