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Thread: help with student activity pages

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    help with student activity pages

    I can't find where to go to get the student activity pages on-line so I can print them out. Can anyone help direct me?

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    If you just want to print them week by week they are pages 11 and following of each week plan. If you are looking for the pdf copy that you can manipulate go to the Loom on the bottom of the page where your weekly plans are, scroll to the bottom where it says workbook content and open the pdf for the unit you are studying. This gives you the SAP pages for the whole unit in a format you can manipulate before you print out.
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    The student activity pages are on the CD version or the DE version of the Loom. They are at the bottom and are titled Workbook Content. We do not offer any of the student activity pages online. The book updates are available from our book update pages online. A great perk for using the workbook content pages from the Loom is that you can edit and make them into personalized documents of your own. I hope this information was helpful! Have a great day!

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