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Thread: Rhetoric Literary Terms

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    Rhetoric Literary Terms

    I've never taught year 2 literature before. Have any of you already made flashcards for all the literary terms, to help save these busy students some time?

    Please advise.

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    I have not. In year 1, my daughter had no trouble making the cards a few at a time, and I felt sure that writing them out herself was better than just reading them. I encouraged her to use her own words when appropriate.

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    I advise against you making the cards because the very act of making a flash card is part of the learning process. Back when I studied foreign language I found that I learned some terms just by making the cards. Don't deprive your students of this valuable activity.
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    We use Quizlet for all the flashcards. Either my rhetoric student enters them in or I do. She studies the cards during the week (using games and learning quizzes) and then there is a nice feature for testing. I usually merge the weeks each week so she reviews all the terms each week. (My daughter's schedule is full so sometimes it is better for me to enter the terms. I found that when she actually wrote the terms out herself on index cards she was doing a lot of shorthand which wasn't helpful.)
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