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    Help me pick Science

    Hi everyone,

    I'm totally new to the forum and TOG but I'm very excited about starting this year. We are starting in Year 4. I'm still getting used to the whole system, which I guess is normal. One of my questions is about science. I have three boys (12, 10 and 5) that I'm teaching this year (and a 2 yo girl tagging along). My oldest is all set for science. He loves Apologia and he is doing their Exploring Creation with Botany.

    My question is for my 10 yo. He is dyslexic and is working with a tutor on his reading/spelling but needs to study at grade level for things like science. I either have to read to him or get books on audio or on Learning Ally (the old Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic). Surprisingly LA has lots of curriculum on there. I planned on having him do Botany with his brother but listen to the lessons on LA. I checked on LA and they have most all the Apologia books, except Botany! Ugh! His older brother would not be keen on reading to him; He prefers to do his own thing. Maybe I could read to him and have him do experiments with his brother? I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an interesting science that is easy to implement for a not-so-crafty mom and an auditory learner!
    I had considered just getting him some Moody DVDs to watch - he really learns a lot that way. But I feel like I need a program. What about AIG's God's Design series? Is that pretty much like Apologia? If so, I might as well try to keep the two oldest boys on the same topic.

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    Audios are coming out for Fulbright's Apologia science books. Anatomy was just released and a couple more are in the works. There are yahoo and facebook groups for each book and Jeannie posts on them if you want to ask questions.
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