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Thread: Any idea yet about whether Locklizard will run on Mac Mountain Lion?

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    Any idea yet about whether Locklizard will run on Mac Mountain Lion?


    I'm having some issues with my Mac not being able to support certain applications in online classes, although the LLC classes work fine. I currently run Leopard. With all of the issues related to Macs and Locklizard applications in the past (I also see something fairly recent about Lion), I'm wondering if you know yet if Locklizard will run on Mountain Lion. I would love to upgrade to something like Snow Leopard, but don't think that's an option anymore!

    We're thinking that we might be needing a laptop in the near future too--too many people wanting to do schoolwork on the computer at the same time. My quandry is: Mac with Mountain Lion, or do we go with a less expensive PC laptop? I have to have access to my TOG DE!

    I'd appreciate any information you might know!

    -Penny in MI

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    Hi everyone,

    I just checked with Apple, for those of you wondering about Mountain Lion. They say that there are still some unresolved issues, and don't recommend upgrading to Mountain Lion yet if you're using Lock-Lizard.

    Also, I found out that those of us who are still running Leopard can upgrade to Snow Leopard, but anyone interested in doing so has to call the Apple Store to order it. They actually recommend upgrading to Lion, but I'm not sure if Mac users are still having problems with Lion and Lock-Lizard--so I'm not sure I want to take that route! The customer service person was very helpful though!

    As you can tell, I'm not an IT person and wasn't aware of all of this, but want to pass it on to all of you who might be thinking about upgrading Leopard, or eventually going to Mountain Lion!

    -Penny in MI

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    I am running TOG on Mountain Lion and having no problems so far. However, I do have the same problems I had with Lion, those being that in Chrome you can't view the Loom from the interface (the hypertext doesn't work), and with Safari and Firefox you have to navigate at least 2 steps to get to the documents in Lock Lizard. I use Chrome for my TOG since I am accessing the Map Aids, Writing Aids, Curriculum, Eval, etc. documents far more than the documents on the Loom. When I need a document from the Loom I just search my computer with the search function at the top right corner.

    Hope that is helpful to some.

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    Alex at TOG helped me out with the Loom issue in Lion or Mountain Lion. If you open the TOG interface with Chrome and replace the "index.htm" at the end of the address in the address bar with "loom.htm" it will bring up the links for the Loom. Then you just bookmark that page and you have it more easily accessible. Nice.

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    I finally upgraded to Mountain Lion over the weekend too, and have had no problems. Actually, things seem to work better than with my upgrade to Snow Leopard! I use Safari and Lock Lizard comes right up. I'm very happy so far with the upgrade and Lock Lizard works great with it!
    -Penny in MI

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