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Thread: WWI Trench Model

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    WWI Trench Model

    I wish there were more craft/activity ideas here on the forum! I'd love to hear from others who have found good activities for the grammar level. I have looked on the provided ideas on the TOG site, but still I like to hear from moms about what they have done personally.

    I have in mind to make a model of the WWI trenches with salt dough. I bought cheap plastic soliders in two colors and silver pipe cleaners for barbed wire. I could use little cut-outs of cardboard for duck boards. The problem seems to me that it will be too heavy. Thoughts? Ideas? I've only done a couple of maps with salt dough, and even they were heavy. It will have to be big enough to accommodate the toy soldiers.
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    Paper mache

    This link suggests using paper mache.
    Mom to 11yods, 6yodd, 3yods

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    You could look at Crayola's Model Magic product which is super light weight when it dries. Here's the Crayola page:

    Here's a link for a jumbo supply from Walmart:
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