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    Discussion time

    I need some help figuring out how to fit in the discussion time with my R and D level students. It seems to be the biggest area that I just can't get to. Does anyone have some creative ideas on how to fit it in or how much discussion time is appropriate for the levels?

    This is our 2nd year using Tapestry and I am feeling very overwhelmed with it right now. (Could be the new baby on the scene too) We were part of a co-op last year, but had to drop it when we found out we were having a new baby.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Is it possible you are trying to do too many subjects right now? You could need a break from the stresses of a new baby and trying to be super mom with school and other activities. I would suggest to do the discussion time together for your D and R students if you haven't thought of this in the past. Especially the history portion. You could incorporate the history section together or you could get your R student to help do some of the D discussion with the D student. Then you would just have to do the R portion for the R student. The outlines are very good and the R student would be more that adequate to help their sibling with outline material. It is well written and they just basically have to lead the discussion by following the outlines available in the Teacher's Notes.

    You could also use the cutting chart in R Literature to slow down your discussions on the R Literature portion, which would mean less discussion time each week in that area for the R student. You will find this cutting chart on The Loom under General Resources. It is listed under Teaching Rhetoric Literature and will be in Appendix D, near the end of the document.

    You could also just require the students to do half of their thinking and accountability questions. This would cut discussion times as well. Or they could do all of their questions and quickly go over answers for questions you feel can be answered easily, while focusing most of your discussion on a few questions that give them good thinking and discussion options.

    These are just a few options that are available to you to help make your discussions flow better and give you more time management each week. I hope this information was helpful to you. May God bless your teaching time each week as you are going through some new transitions within your precious family.
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    Well, discussion time really doesn't take a long time, for me it has always been a matter of just doing it. It is very easy to skip it or put it off and then once the next week starts it is gone.

    So I suggest looking carefully at your week and finding a series of times to hold discussions. Maybe do both levels but either history or lit on one day and then the other topic on another day. I'd make it when younger children are napping. And the first person who must be committed to this time is YOU. Then make sure your R and D level students get warning time for the first few weeks while you establish this new habit. And stick with it.
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