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Thread: Rh. Lit - someone tell me it'll be ok

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    Rh. Lit - someone tell me it'll be ok

    I have four kids schooling currently and am struggling to get to the literature discussion on Fridays with my 14 yr. old. She is very bright and I'm sure she's "getting something" out of her readings and her work, but I feel like I'm cutting her short with literature (especially the analysis).
    Can someone just tell me how to trim it, or let it go, or come to my house and hold our hand on Friday?! It's a little over my head and there's not really a strong desire in me to study it up and be able to go over it intelligently with her. She's not understanding all the analysis, either, and often I just give her the teacher's notes to fill in her analysis.
    I know there will be analysis next year and the following. Will we get it eventually? She is planning to go to college.
    We really enjoy the history discussion, but the literature... not so much.

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    Tresta, can you fill in some details? Is your 14 yo doing R level or D? Do you skip lit discussions completely or just trim them down? If you have been skipping them, have you noticed that usually right at the beginning of lit there is a summary of what the various parts of the lit discussion are doing and even some suggestions about what could be skipped if needed? Also, I assume you are not trying to do the continuing level.
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    One good way of cutting back on Rhetoric Literature and giving you and your daughter more time to adapt and learn how to analyze at a slower, less stressful pace is to go to the Loom and look at the document "Customizing Rhetoric Literature". This document will give you a literature cutting chart that will help make it less intensive for you. I wouldn't stress at this point. It is a learning process and what you don't grasp one day may just come to you and you completely understand everything the next day. You are in the beginning levels of Literature at this point so treat each day as a learning process. You will grasp different concepts as time goes on and build a knowledge base soon. The terms and the analysis is somewhat repetitive so if you don't pick it up right away, rest assured you will come back to these items in the following year.

    If you continue to have problems a good suggestion could be getting a college student that could help tutor in this area? Maybe a co-op that could give some insight? You may know a teacher that is willing to give some tips? Talk to others moms and see what tools that used to help teach these concepts.
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    Thank you, Pat and Sharon. Pat - I have not noticed that the beginning of the lit discussions (we are doing rhetoric) have suggestions as to what could be skipped if needed - we usually pare down the discussion and we are doing the beginning level. I'm using the DE and this is our first Tapestry year, so I'm learning that I really *need* to have a print edition, as well. The formatting is hard for me to follow in the digital only edition. Live and learn!
    Sharon - I did look at the cutting chart but really only saw maybe 2 items to cut. The reading itself is not a problem, I guess the main issue is all the analysis. I just don't have the time to teach this right now and she's not picking it up on her own!
    I will look more closely at the cutting chart and the pre-discussion texts.

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