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Thread: Rhetoric Literature and Writing

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    Rhetoric Literature and Writing

    Can anyone tell me of their experiences of taking both rhetoric literature andwriting at the LLC. How did you find the workload? Did the classes coordinate at all? For instance, did the writing class refer to the literature being read and/or write papers about it? And is there any essay writing in the literature class? If not, what are the assignments like, besides reading?


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    Hi Jen,

    I've taken Writing, Literature, and History from the LLC for the past three years. I took Rhetoric Literature and the Advanced Writing classes (Writing 10, 11, 12). However my sister is taking the Year 4 Rhetoric Writing, so I know a little about that.

    The workload is fine. It gets a little tricky for me now as a busy senior preparing for college and such, but taking all three LLC classes was not a problem before that. At least for me. I tend to be a fast reader, and I still spent a lot of my day on schoolwork (including everything else, though), so I guess it depends on what you consider a large workload. Also, the Rhetoric Writing classes would be easier than the Advanced classes because they include students from all high school grades, as opposed to, say, my class now which is just seniors so the instructor can make it much more difficult.

    In Writing 10, the only literature-related writing we did was for four weeks of poetry writing. The instructor taught us most of what we needed to know for that in class, but from my Literature class I knew a great deal more about rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter, metaphors, similes, etc., which helped me a lot, but I could have written the poetry even if I had not been taking the Literature class.

    In Writing 11, the literature-related writing we wrote was a Poetry Analysis, a Personal Response to Literature, and a Literary Analysis Paper, as well as two weeks of poetry writing. For those papers, it was also extremely helpful for me to know what I knew from my Literature classes, and I ended up choosing literature to analyze that we were studying that year, but I could conceivably have done it just based on what the teacher said about literary analysis in class and using literature works outside of Tapestry.

    This year (Writing 12), we wrote a Personal Response to Literature and are working on an extremely large (40-60 page) Classical Comparison paper. I would say I couldn't write the CC paper without all my studies of literature with Tapestry. However, it was the knowledge of literary terms, analyzing in general, Poetics, Frameworks, and experience analyzing literature that helped me, so in that sense the classes coordinated, rather than the writing class requiring me to write about a literature work from my literature class.

    So, at least in the advanced writing classes, the students write about literature, but the teacher introduces it enough that you don't need to study literature at the same time to get it, at least at a basic level. Obviously, a student would do much better if they were studying some kind of literature, but it doesn't have to be a specific year plan or with an LLC class. This could be completely different for the Rhetoric Writing classes, though; I'm not sure.

    There are no essays assigned for the Literature classes. Students are assigned the reading and the Student Activity Page questions. Some teachers quiz literary terms as well, so students are encouraged to learn those.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if anything was unclear or raised more questions.


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